Passengers who have thirsted for a better beer experience on a flight are in luck — a tasty addition to the drinks menu is coming to one of Europe’s major airlines.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is gearing up to be the first airline to serve draught beer on tap.
The game-changing development will follow years of experimenting with keg designs to produce the perfect schooner at high altitude.
Dutch brewing giant Heineken found the winning formula with an innovative keg design, and the prototype will be used on KLM’s European flights.
The carrier had hoped to launch the tap service earlier this month but had to postpone it until it secured the necessary safety certificates from civil aviation authorities.
Once it gets the green light, KLM passengers will be able to forgo the tinnies for a proper pint of draught, pub-style.
“We are always looking for typical Dutch products to set us apart from other companies,” KLM in-flight services vice president Miriam Kartman said.
“Heineken is our beer partner for many years, and we both know that customers rate a beer from draught higher than out of a can.”
Heineken’s Edwin Griffioen, who designed the product, said it was no easy feat to overcome the challenges of dispensing beer under the conditions of a cabin. CO2 cartridges, which are used in home tap installations, are prohibited on airplanes.