After a torrential downpour in the Bayou City, I drive into a parking lot that is quite drenched and quite muddied. I pay my two bills to park and walk along this mud laden lot to the flea market on Airline Drive in Houston, Texas. I had been here a few times before. They have several places to chow down on some Mexian food fare like TACOS, CHORRIZO, CHICHARRONES, TAMALES and a few other items. I had my dose of TAMALES in green sauce, washed down with a CORONA. I then head down the flea market booths and stalls, checking out items. I notice alot of BOOTS from around GUANAJUATO area, looks like snake hide. I see alot of guys wearing those boots there. Most Mexicans that go there come from the MONTERREY area of Mexico or NORTHERN Mexico. At the end of the flea market, there is a place called LA TERRAZA DEL SALON MEXICO. It has some of the liveliest music you will ever hear. It's TEJANO music with a live band. I saw people of all ages dancing in the dance floor along with kids and babys. Not dancing per say but rather going around in circles kind of dancing like. It's an open air kind of place, not enclosed. Just a roof. Very lively music and lots of fun. I stand there for a beer and a smoke of a cigar. Nobody complaining about the smoke. I think they were too drunk to care. But then again, maybe they just don't make a big fuss about smoke. A young man in his twenties next to me is eating those pumpkin seeds like they're going out of style. When the pretty waitress walked by, he would throw a seed shell at her. He did this at least twice. I guess he's looking for a mate. After my beer is done, I leave the joint and head back another path via the flea market booths and concession stands. I then see a couple of youngsters walking, and I hear a loud CRASH/SMASH. The poor kid dropped his bottle of beer right there. So what's a flea market without seeing a couple of drunk kids and hearing the music of glass smashing against the concrete floors and the strong stench of a good beer? Yea, its all good. What a place to get away for a weekend.
Yup. The Flea Market on AIRLINE DRIVE. Lots of food, beer, music and lots of junk for junk hoarders.