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Thread: Turkish Air bans Flight Attendants from wearing Red Lipstick and Nail Polish..

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    Default Turkish Air bans Flight Attendants from wearing Red Lipstick and Nail Polish..

    Turkey's national airline has barred female flight attendants from wearing red lipstick and nail polish, striking a nerve among secular Turks worried the country is becoming more Islamic.
    Turkish Airlines, Europe's fourth-biggest carrier, said the ban was aimed at keeping crews "artless and well-groomed with makeup in pastel tones", as a natural look improved communication with passengers.
    "As a consequence of our current cabin uniforms not including red, dark pink, et cetera, the use of lipstick and nail polish in these colors by our cabin crew impairs visual integrity," the statement said.
    Turkish Airlines declined a request for comment.
    The guideline follows other restrictions on employees' appearance and on serving alcohol. Critics say they reflect the influence of the government's conservative religious values at the fast-growing state-run airline

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    Ok, please please PLEASE don't let this turn into a religious debate or argument here, but this just reminded me of what I thought was a very interesting story. Nail polish has been traditionally not been used by Muslim women. Not the coloring specifically, but because nail polish does not let water through, and that blocks water from coming to contact with the fingernail for a required pre-prayer washing. Removing and re-applying the nail polish is theoretically possible, but for 5 prayers daily it's obviously a hassle. Some Polish guy invented a nail polish that was designed to be breathable, so oxygen would reach the nail. As it turns out, that also allowed water to go through, so this has been a HUGE hit with Muslim women. It wasn't the original intent when the guy invented it, but hey - if you can market a product to a major portion of the population, more power to you!

    Breathable nail polish a surprise hit with Muslims | News OK
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