Doug Parker may be a little optimistic with this statement; "I project that some cities will lose some routes as the new American will experience growing pains combining nine domestic hubs. Major restructuring will not occur until 2016-2017 as part of the DOJ agreement was to maintain all hubs for three years. I do not foresee a situation like PIT or MEM, but there will be restructuring in order to grow appropriately. The two hubs that will see the majority of change will be JFK and LAX. With the proximity to PHL, slot restrictions, and tough international competition, JFKs potential is limited. I foresee Philadelphia and Charlotte as the primary east coast domestic hubs. Same scenario applies to LAX; tough competition and limited growth opportunities make PHX the smartest choice for a west coast domestic hub. These two cities will obviously not be hurt by a reduction in service from AA.

Does US move to Term 4 LAX from Term 1?

Will JFK emp downsize and transfer to PHL/DCA ??

Does PHX have enough revenue to keep the Hub? Or do they ramp up DFW?

Is CLT even affected??