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Thread: Non Rev Travel Violation on AA : QUESTION ??

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    Lightbulb Non Rev Travel Violation on AA : QUESTION ??

    If a Non rev guest violates prior to me listing him on a flight , am I liable for his / her screw ups although he is in my guest list ?

    If non rev asks me to cancel his standby listing on AA and I cancel a few hours later in the meantime he / she contacts AA to purchase his frequent flyer miles confirmed that a Violation and do I get into trouble ??

    If yes, what is the length of suspension as it does not state on the trip book and who determins this...base manager or HR ?



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    I have actually been part of an investigation concerning this subject. If the nonrev listing is done first, and then a ticket is purchased and cancel the Non-rev listing you are ok. However, if you he had a rev ticket first and then tried to non-rev then you would be in serious trouble. Also, a rev and non rev ticket can never have the same exact intin (ie same exact flights). Hope this helps answer you questions.

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